Silencing the Prophetic Voice

There are two types of preaching: 1. Preaching that “whitewashes sin” by failing to call it out in plain terms. 2. Preaching that “washes sin white” by unmasking its deceitfulness and proclaiming Christ’s blood as its cure.


As long as I can remember, I've heard a loud lament from countless Christian leaders over the fact that thousands of churches cease to exist each year. But I recall only a few express grief over the utter ineffectiveness within the ranks of Christendom. When the Spirit of God has withdrawn from an assembly, closure is the best thing that could happen.


I have seen hundreds of church prayer lists over the years. One thing stands out: the vast majority of the Prayer Requests concern the OUTER MAN (the physical body). With that said, there is a larger emphasis in the Bible on the INNER MAN. Paul prayed, "That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the INNER MAN" (Eph. 3:16). Click "Read More" to read the article.

Kingdom Men vs. “Company Men”

Kingdom Men are zealous for CHRIST’S KINGDOM. Company Men are zealous for “THEIR GROUP.” Allegiance to certain distinctives and “group think” must never usurp devotion to Christ. In the minds of company men is the belief that loyalty to the group is tantamount to faithfulness to Christ.


J. Buchler said, “If people were half as scared of offending God as they are of offending man, we would have multitudes of red-hot Christians.” Sure it will be costly to practice Truth. But it will cost even more to give account at the judgment seat for these accommodations. The time has come to get out of the public relations business by getting down to the serious business of obeying the Bible—regardless of the consequences!

Contemporary Schismatics...

"Heretic" means divider or one who causes schism. We think of modern heresy-hunters as those who sniff out doctrinal error and expose it. But Biblically speaking, heretics are those who bring needless division. They use a magnifying glass to discover blemishes, or points of disagreement, in and with others.

Don’t Dumb It Down…But Please Liven It Up!

The main attraction in spiritual worship is not the platform, but God Himself. In fact, the real audience is not sitting in the auditorium, but in Heaven. Worship is a corporate endeavor that focuses on the Person of God and His praise, not performances.


Are those who blast the contemporary culture-chasers just as culture-bound as those they criticize?....Lovers of Christ are not culture-bound in either direction. The path ahead necessitates we calibrate our methods to Biblical absolutes.

How in the World Do We Reach These Millennials?

The single largest group in the United States, as of now, is the group sociologists refer to as the Millennials. While we have heard about and honored the “Greatest” generation, we seem to have no idea what to do about the “Millennial” one.


Should churches be growing numerically, as well as spiritually? Is the absence of life the "new normal" for American congregations? Jesus cursed the fig tree that had only leaves, but no fruit. He talked about "fruit", "more fruit", and went on to say the Father is glorified when we bear "much fruit."

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