Spirit-Less Christianity

Perhaps you, like me, have heard something like this, “Christian Evangelicals and Fundamentalists have erred by placing less emphasis on the Holy Spirit because the Charismatics and Pentecostals have taken that doctrine to great excesses.” When the fact of the matter is that most of us do not even think of Charismatics and Pentecostals very often and we think of the Holy Spirit even less. Indeed, we have erred because we have neglected the third Person of the Godhead.

My Depression Story - Part 2

As I wrote in my first article, I found several practical things very helpful and as I’ve I talked to other people in depression, many of these ideas and practices were helpful to them as well… God never promised it would be easy, enjoyable or short-lived, but He did promise He would bring you through. I promise you, I am nothing special. Since God brought me through my depression, He can bring you through yours as well. You just have to keep going and not give up no matter how difficult it seems.

My Depression Story - Part 1

A sense of overwhelming gloom, sadness and hopelessness, a complete loss of desire for anything good, no energy to the point of feeling too weak even to stand up, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, feelings of isolation, aloneness, guilt and condemnation –coupled with constant anxiety resulting in frequent panic attacks….Not exactly the desired testimony of a saved person who is living victorious in Christ but that was definitely my life for almost 4 years. Did I mention that my husband was a pastor?

The Missing Person in Prayer…

Most cities now have signs posting Amber Alerts to help authorities rescue children who have been abducted. At any given time there are approximately 90,000 missing persons in the U.S. Pastors are cancelling mid-week Prayer Meetings because of missing persons—church members have stopped attending. But the missing person I’m referring to is not the deacon, Sunday-School teacher, or church member. The missing PERSON in prayer is the HOLY SPIRIT!


There will be no party spirit in heaven… There will be no evil speaking in heaven… There will be no religious suburbs in heaven… There will be???

How in the World Do We Reach These Millennials?

The single largest group in the United States, as of now, is the group sociologists refer to as the Millennials. While we have heard about and honored the “Greatest” generation, we seem to have no idea what to do about the “Millennial” one.


The "no-holiness-now" advocates, be they Puritanical or antinomian, are united in the belief that holiness on earth is not for today. (Antinomian—the view that Christians are released by grace from the obligation of observing the moral law)

Is Holiness Possible...

Holiness defines God's character, first and foremost. It is His complete "otherness" that distinguishes Him from us. He is "separate" from all creation. Yet both Testaments command God's people to be holy (Lev . 20:26, 1 Pet. 1:16). This three-time holy God makes holiness an imperative—"Be ye holy."


Should churches be growing numerically, as well as spiritually? Is the absence of life the "new normal" for American congregations? Jesus cursed the fig tree that had only leaves, but no fruit. He talked about "fruit", "more fruit", and went on to say the Father is glorified when we bear "much fruit."

Sodom in the Sanctuary Revisited...

The public acceptance, celebration, and acceleration of homosexuality is staggering. It seems the President can hardly wait to praise athletes, or others, who come out of the closet.

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