Many things in life are easy to like. I like my wife. I like our children, and their spouses. I like our grandchildren. I like my friends. I like what I do for a living. I like my 32 year-old bass boat. No effort is required on my part to like these people, and countless other things in my life. But NOT everything in life is “likable.” So how are we to respond to the unpleasant things which give birth to negative feelings?


You have got to stop listening to yourself. Of all the voices that can lead you astray, your own voice may be the deadliest. David was in the throes of depression when he SPOKE to himself—‘Why are you cast down o my soul’. He chose to STOP LISTENING to himself and STARTED TALKING to himself. David probed even deeper, ‘Soul—why are you in turmoil?’ He stopped listening to himself and did the opposite—he talked to himself. The worst advice you can get is the “self-talk” from your own downcast heart.

Go For the Men!

Bringing Back Godly Order It has been said, “If you preach to women, you’ll reach women. If you preach to children, you’ll reach children. If you preach to men, you’ll reach men, women, and children.” The typical program-based church has an endless array of “ministries.” Normally, they will have children’s programs galore, a ladies’ ministry, youth group, pre-school/daycare, sports teams, Sunday School…

Good Meetings or a Meeting with God

When our best efforts in revival are only an attempt to manipulate people, manage situations, and manufacture results, we have little or no reason to expect anything extraordinary from God.

Jumping Ship: Why Young People Leave the Church

A group of SBC leaders consulted with a prominent independent pastor. They were seeking advice on ways to reduce the number of young people leaving church after high school graduation. Reportedly, they estimated they were losing around 93% of their students while perceiving that the independents were losing only 73% of their young people. Can you imagine consulting with someone who has a failure rate…

Sentimental Religion

The Feminization of American Christianity At the outset it must be clearly stated that “feminine” is a beautiful quality, when found in women. However, the “Feminist Movement” is an entirely different story. There is nothing feminine about the “Feminist Movement!” “Radical Feminism is the most destructive and fanatical movement to come down to us from the sixties,” writes Judge Robert Bork. Feminists…

The Forgotten Commision

My grandmother was an amazing cook and baker. She was able to make great-tasting food like no one on the face of the earth. Maybe this is just nostalgia, or maybe it is absolute fact. I’m not certain the good old days were as good as we make them to be, but there will always be room for nostalgic thoughts. What is sad about my grandmother’s cooking is when she passed away, so did many of her wonderful…

Suggestions for Prayer Meetings

It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer” -Matt. 21:13  It may be helpful in advance to prepare a basic order for the meeting. However don’t become too structured so that the Holy Spirit is limited.  Seek to include everyone present without pressuring anyone to be involved in a way not comfortable for them. We certainly don’t want people to be intimidated or embarrassed.  Be…

Resurrecting Hope in an Age of Fading Expectations

When HOPE Dies So Does the Church When was the last time you heard a message on “hope”? Or, have you ever heard a sermon on this subject? “Hope” appears 121 times in the Bible and 53 of these references are in the New Testament. Anyone remotely acquainted with the Book of Acts knows full well that the spiritual atmosphere was electric with wonder and anticipation. A good number of the disciples saw…

Developing the Prayer Ministry in the Church

“My house of prayer…” - Is. 56:7 (Matt. 21:13, Mark 11:17, Luke 19:46)  The Prayer Room It is quite common for churches to design special places on their property for special purposes. For example, a great deal of time and money can be invested in places to eat food or play ball. Often churches have been willing to spare nothing to furnish, decorate, and equip the new fellowship hall or gymnasium…

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