Pioneering Spirit

The mission of the original Star Trek’s spaceship, Enterprise, was to “boldly go where no man had ever been before.” Star Trek was science fiction. But what we need in the non-fictional NOW is for young men and women to undertake what few are willing to do—PIONEER.


A pioneer is one is who is first, or among the earliest, in any field of endeavor:


The outpouring of the Spirit is marked by new dreams and visions (Joel 2:28). God sparks the imaginations of men and ignites a fire in their hearts which sets them on a quest. Our memory replays our past, but imagination pre-plays our future. Pioneers have sanctified, energized imaginations!


What’s up with countless young people in their late teens and early twenties who are without goals and dreams? There is more to life than getting a new iPhone or staying on top of the latest techno-trends. This generation of Christian young people needs the life-giving breath of God which turns the passive into pioneers!


Passion, holy aspirations, boundless optimism, and God-sized dreams are the results when God pours out His Spirit. We will be challenging the youth at the Student Prayer Advance to adopt the spirit of the Pioneer. A clarion call will be issued to move beyond the routine, ritual, and rut which characterize much of modern-day Christianity. An infusion of God’s Spirit would revolutionize the relaxed, sedentary, immobile, undisciplined, aimless religiosity that currently passes for Faith.


Pioneering students, and “Pioneering-again” leaders, bring the needed focus to run the course with vitality. Bring your young people to the Student Prayer Advance July 31-August 2 and believe for a new generation of Pioneers! 

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  1. Really informative blog article. Really, thank you! Want more.

    Reply to Smithg19
  2. Sounds like a great description of the apostles as they launched out on the Great Commission "Enterprise" with Jesus' words ringing in their ears -- get the gospel to every human being on the planet, baptize those who believe into churches and teach them the Bible. And they did it!

    That commission is still alive with every pioneer who surrenders to launch out, evangelize a new area and plant a church in America or around the world.

    Go pioneers!

    Reply to Mike Aylestock
  3. Chad Beechboard
    May 09, 2014 at 09:29 AM

    Amen. We have morphed into a society that doesn't 'think on our feet'. Christians need to press against the tendency to follow the masses in a drone like manner. Let's get back to seeking God's will in prayer and reading. That is the only way to properly think for ourselves again!

    Reply to Chad Beechboard
  4. This sounds like a wonderful plan! I am going to set out to be a pioneer!

    Reply to Tina
  5. I was very challenged by your thoughts this afternoon as I was having lunch. I am in the "twenties" group, and God has been speaking to me about having a vision in life. The idea of pioneering adds to what god is showing me. Thanks for sharing.


    Reply to Josiah