Fatalism—Downplaying the role of prayer, or the effect of human involvement, in time and eternity.

Intellectualism—Reducing Bible study to a mental exercise to make it's content fit into a system instead of a devotional experience.

Emotionalism—Eliminating doctrine and hyping the congregation into a state of heightened feeling through external means.

Traditionalism—Elevating preferences and the commandments of men to a position equal to biblical absolutes.

Rationalism—Replacing revelation from God's Spirit with human logic.

Ritualism—Making way too much of symbols, adornments, and procedures.

Secularism—Deifying the state or nature instead of worshipping a supernatural God.

Sensualism—Appealing to the fleshly side of human nature as a form of religious expression.

Realism—Keeping the needed balance between "Spirit and truth" so Christ has the preeminence and feels at home, both in the heart and the assembly.

Harold Vaughan

May 5, 2016

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