Introducing the Prayer Advances

Why the Prayer Advances?

The Prayer Advances are intended to move people forward in their walk with God. These are not "prayer retreats." We have retreated long enough!

The goal of the entire Advance is a fresh encounter with God. 

The Prayer Advance provides an opportunity for individuals to invest three days in their eternal destinies. Our goal is to get people on "praying ground" so they can PRAY and SERVE Christ. The agenda for the Advances is very focused: hot preaching, fervent praying, heartfelt worship and great fellowship. Currently, Christ Life Ministries hosts Prayer Advances for Men, Ladies, Students and Couples.

To learn more about each Advance, click on the links below:

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Learn more about the Ladies' Prayer Advance

Learn more about the Student Prayer Advance

Learn more about the Couple's Advance

For 25 years, God has been using the Prayer Advances to assist pastors who have a vision, burden, and passion for developing strong men, strong families, and strong churches. Far from aiming at the lowest common denominator, we are seeking to raise the standard to the Biblical norm of vital reality, practical godliness, and spiritual depth.

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