Student Prayer Advance

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Our Featured Speaker:

Bryan Samms



July 22-24, 2021

Meeting Location: 
Ferrum College
215 Ferrum Mountain Rd
Ferrum, VA 24088

Are you searching for more than a surface-level youth event? The Prayer Advance is all about real truth for real life. It’s time to be AUTHENTIC.

Not a Camp. No roller-coasters or Amusement Parks. No smoke machines. 

So what is the Student Advance? It is a straight-forward, hyper-discipleship event.

What happens at the Student Advance? Preaching, worship, praying, group time, targeted breakout sessions for middle-schoolers, high-schoolers, college-age young people, and leaders.

We have an exciting lineup of engaging speakers throughout the Advance. You will be inspired to intensify your focus on Christ and to ignite a passion for Him.

Who Should Attend?

Middle and High School age
This event is for all teachable young people whether they attend Christian school, home school, or public school. Mature 12 year-olds may attend, preferably with at least one parent. Younger students without parents are required to have a designated overseer from their group for the entire Advance.

Any young person 18 and older can attend, whether they attend college or not. Far too many young people flounder, rather than pursue their God-given destiny. We divide the middle and high schoolers from the College-age during the breakout times and conduct separate sessions for them. It is absolutely crucial that young people discover their Assignment. We will focus on assisting these “soldiers” in discovering and fulfilling their mission.

Breakout Sessions

We hope to be able to have separate breakout sessions for Middle School students, High School students, Collage-age students and leaders. Age-specific topics and hot-button issues will be addressed. Due to the current restrictions due to Covid19, space available and attendance, our breakout session plans may be altered. 

What Should I Expect?

You should anticipate outstanding Bible preaching on relevant topics. Also, you will experience great fellowship in an inspirational atmosphere. Designated group and prayer times are scheduled as well.


Each group is required to bring their own leaders. At least one leader is required for every six students. Adults and parents are encouraged to attend!



Things To Know

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Tentative Schedule

NOTE: 'This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change. See the Advance schedule given at check-in for actual session times.

  12 Noon                            Check-in Begins
  1:30 PM                            Opening Sessions
 4:45 PM                            Dinner
 6:30 PM                            General Session
  9:00 AM                           General Sessions
  12:00 PM                          Lunch
  2:00 PM                           General Sessions
  4:45 PM                           Dinner
  6:00 PM                           General Session
  8:45 AM                           General Sessions

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Victory Reports

Our deep gratitude to the ministry of Prayer Advance! We received so much blessings from this event! Thank you again! To God be all the Glory!
– Elloid Gerona

Our teens gave testimonies last night… Many thought that the idol message really woke them up. Things they didn’t think were that big of a problem were becoming idols and consuming their lives when they didn’t do them. Plus some teens were searching for acceptance from others more than from God. I thought it was great!

Just wanted you to know one of our teens got saved last night. It was a great weekend.