The Pharisee Within…

What’s more important—your system/kingdom, or the kingdom of God? What’s more important—external conformity to your group, or heart conformity to Christ’s kingdom?

New Wine Needed...

Vintage skins are incompatible with fresh wine (Mat. 9:17). Crusty wine skins may contain their native juice, but not this year's crop. Old skins would burst and the new wine would be wasted.

Spiritual Inbreeding

Every church and grouping of churches has strong points...and weak points. When a church ceases to grow in "grace and knowledge" it becomes ingrown. At this stage, congregations are subjected to a steady diet of slogans, mantras, rants, and a rehashing of pet doctrines/standards. Anything different is viewed with either suspicion or contempt. The wagons are circled with the vain hope the "good ole days" will soon return. But ingrown churches do not win converts.

Why Was Prayer So Powerful in the Early Church

Most prayer in the Book of Acts was corporate prayer. The Apostles had two main responsibilities: leading the church in prayer and ministering the Word (Acts 6:4). Serving tables and the like were handed over to Spirit-filled men so the shepherds could oversee the prayer ministry in the church. Is it not instructive that shepherding in prayer is mentioned prior to the important task of preaching? This order is not a trivial fact, but quite instructive. But what other factors contributed to such powerful prayer?

Pioneering Spirit

The mission of the original Star Trek’s spaceship, Enterprise, was to “boldly go where no man had ever been before.” Star Trek was science fiction. But what we need in the non-fictional NOW is for young men and women to undertake what few are willing to do—PIONEER.

Pride versus Brokenness

Pride grieves God. Brokenness secures grace. Pride sets you up for a fall. Brokenness prepares the way for God’s favor.


"Where the devil does not go personally, he sends a critic", said a wise Puritan. Every church and every movement has its critics. Detractors never offer an unqualified word of approval. Unlike metal, their tongues get sharper after every jab. Being unsympathetic is one thing, but having a perennial critical spirit is another.

Paul and Apollos are Great—But What About Jesus?

The staggering scandals among Christian leaders have devastated scores of believers and their families. Celebrity preachers/teachers, “Camp loyalty”, and institutional allegiance hold a Mecca-like grip over multitudes. Superficial spirituality tends to identify with men, movements, and monuments instead of identifying with Christ in His death, burial, and resurrection.

Could You Feel at Home in the Early Church?

The church in the book of Acts had… • No stained glass, no pews, no theatre seats, no baptismal tank, no church building… • No hymnbooks, no piano, no organ, no choir, no praise band…

Down From the Mountain…

Our journey on earth includes highs and lows—ups and downs. Great victories are normally followed by great testing. Such was the experience of Moses after his holy encounter on the mount.

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