Mormon Minority Now Heads "Moral Majority"

Just when it looked like things could not get any worse, a new “low” is applauded as a step toward the recovery of our Republic. Glen Beck, the rising star of the conservative media, holds a “God and Country Rally” with hundreds of thousands attending. He is gifted, articulate, and likeable. But a political rally is different from a religious rally, and a religious gathering led by a man who espouses Mormonism cheered on by evangelicals is baffling. 

I, along with millions of others, am profoundly concerned about the moral decline and cultural collapse of our nation. While we would hold many of the same political concerns as Mr. Beck, it does not mean we are free to jettison the foundations of the Christian faith and form a new “civil religion.” 

Several things have contributed to this latest ecumenical thrust: 

I recognize that the affable religionists will be outraged by this article. The “blind,” and the “blind” they are leading have lost the capacity to reason biblically. To that segment just about everything, including the exclusivity of the gospel is negotiable.

My appeal is to those who hold to the authority of Scripture and biblical absolutes. Now is not the time (there never will be a time!) to replace the proclamation of eternal truth with a religious tower of Babel. Mormons, as well as pro-life Catholics, and “conservatives” must be “born again” or they will end up in the same hell as Hitler. If this is too strong for you, then don’t read what Jesus Christ spoke about hell fire in Luke chapter sixteen.

Election cycle after election cycle the Christian community is seduced by conservative rhetoric which is normally followed by liberal practice. I realize we cannot retreat into isolation. But the gospel, which is the power of God, not only changes the heart, it transforms the life. Our broken culture will not be redeemed by electing more fallen leaders alone. The moral foundations must be rebuilt and that starts in the “house of God.” 

Yes, we are concerned about what goes on at Capitol Hill, but we had better not obscure the truth of what took place on a hill called Calvary!

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  1. Obie L. Graves
    May 13, 2015 at 03:53 PM

    Harold Vaughan you are clearly on fire with a holy anger in this article. It reminds me of the anger of Jesus on the steps of the synagogue with the merchants. The moral majority simply gave over the last two elections. Now is desperate for the next election. All horrible sinful tactics back fired. It was most horrible hearing Christians speaking in fear. Fighting against flesh and blood has never been the answer. The present administration is coming to an end. The hatred in Congress raised its head and poisonous venom flowed as if the administration was for life.
    And the moral majority who are Christians must get back to the purpose of their Lord Jesus Christ. Become holy as God your Father during your time on this earth. God will not share His glory and will not be mocked. Many civilizations were destroyed, why think yours is any different.

    Reply to Obie L. Graves