Many things in life are easy to like. I like my wife. I like our children, and their spouses. I like our grandchildren. I like my friends. I like what I do for a living. I like my 32 year-old bass boat. No effort is required on my part to like these people, and countless other things in my life.

But NOT everything in life is "likable." So how are we to respond to the unpleasant things which give birth to negative feelings? And what can be done to rid ourselves of the distressing emotions that come with these un-pleasantries? Here's one of the greatest discoveries of all time, you change your feelings by changing your mind. Your focus determines your feelings. What you think about affects how you feel. CHANGE YOUR FOCUS AND YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR FEELINGS. Thoughts and emotions are inextricably bound together. The key to feeling better is thinking better. Attitudes are not inevitable. Your attitude is your choice. When you change your mind for the better, you will feel better.

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